Accent Modification Program


Accent Modification Program (AMP) classes are designed to advance cultural diversity and understanding by improving overall communication between students and faculty, increasing active participation in campus dialogue, and by promoting confident communication.

  • Who Can Participate?
  • Objectives
  • Enrollment

Who Can Participate?

  • Ranked faculty in teaching positions
  • Tenure track faculty
  • Tenured faculty


  • Improve overall presentation skills
  • Improve voice projection in the classroom
  • Improve American intonation skills
  • Improve pronunciation of difficult American vowels and consonants
  • Improve classroom management skills
  • Improve electronic communication skills


  • Classes are conducted on an individual basis for 14 weeks.
  • Classes are free of charge and all materials are provided.
  • Class times are arranged at the convenience of the participant.

Enroll directly with:    Vicki Hopgood, Speech/Language Pathologist

Vicki Hopgood

Speech/Language Pathologist

Applied Language Institute