2018-2019 Intensive English Program Calendar

The Intensive English Program holds classes for Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.  Mid-term enrollment is available for Fall and Spring terms.  New students in the IEP Program are required to attend International Student Orientation before starting classes.   

Our terms are as follows: 

  • Spring term begins in the middle of January and ends in the middle of May.
  • Summer term begins at the beginning of June and ends at the end of July.
  • Fall term begins in the middle of August and ends in the middle of December.
  • For exact dates, please take a look at the schedule below. 

May 31, Thurs             Language Proficiency Testing

                                    June 1, Fri                     Results Available, Registration

June 4, Mon                 Classes Begin

                                    June 29, Fri                   Mid-Term

July 4, Wed                   Holiday- 4th of July, Independence Day

                                    July 26, Thurs              Last full day of class

                                    July 27, Fri                     Language Proficiency Testing

Aug 1, Wed                    Test & Grade Results available

Aug 7, Tues                 International Student Orientation

                                    Aug 8, Wed                  Language Proficiency Testing

                                    Aug 9, Thurs               Welcome Picnic

                                    Aug 10, Fri                   Results Available after 3:00 pm

                                    Aug 20, Mon               Classes Begin, Registration & Orientation                                        

Sept 3, Mon                 Labor Day Holiday

                                    Oct 4, Thurs                Arrival for students beginning at Mid-term

                                    Oct 8-12                        Mid-term Week

                                    Oct 15, Mon                 Week 9 begins

                                    Nov 17, Sat                   Thanksgiving vacation begins

                                    Nov 25, Sun                  Thanksgiving vacation ends

                                    Dec 6, Thurs                 Last Full Day of Classes

                                    Dec 7, Fri                       Language Proficiency Testing

                                    Dec 12, Wed                Test & Grade Results available

Jan 7, Mon                  International Student Orientation

                                    Jan 8, Tues                  Language Proficiency Testing

                                    Jan 9, Wed                  Winter Social

                                    Jan 11, Fri                   Results available after 3 pm

                                    Jan 21, Mon                Martin Luther King Jr Recognition Holiday

                                    Jan 22, Tues                 Classes begin, Orientation & Registration

                                    Mar 1, Fri                    Arrival for Mid-Term entry

                                    Mar 11-15                   Mid-Term

Mar 18, Mon               Week 9 begins

Mar 14-17                   Spring Recess (St. Pat’s break)

                                    Mar 23, Sat                 Spring Break begins

Mar 31, Sun                Spring Break ends

                                    May 9, Thurs               Last full day of classes

May 10, Fri                 Language Proficiency Testing

                                    May 15, Wed              Test & Grade Results available

May 30, Thurs             Language Proficiency Testing

                                    May 31, Fri                 Results Available, Registration

June 3, Mon                Classes Begin

                                    June 28, Fri                 Mid-Term

July 4, Thursday          Holiday- 4th of July, Independence Day

                                    July 25, Thurs              Last full day of class

                                    July 26, Fri                  Language Proficiency Testing

July 31, Wed               Test & Grade Results available