IEP Alumni


We are very proud of our IEP Alumni and like to share their success stories. We like for our IEP Alumni to stay involved with our programs and stay in touch after completing their studies and returning to their countries.  

If you are alumni of the IEP, please reach out to Dr. Thu Tran to share with the program how you are doing at any time.  

ALI taught me to speak out and never to be afraid of making mistakes which gave me confidence and made me enjoy mingling with people from different cultures and backgrounds."

- Mohammad Aljarallah, BS, Petroleum Engineering, 2011  

"My name is Lan. I am from China. I studied in IEP for one semester. At that time I learned grammar, pronunciation, writing, and reading. In writing class, I learned how to write a research paper. By taking reading and grammar classes, my reading skills have greatly improved. Addition to that, every Tuesday and Wednesday we had guest speakers and conversation partners that came to our class. They helped us learn a lot about laws, study and daily life.  In IEP, I didn’t  just learn about  language itself; I learned  about American culture, American law, and made many American friends. IEP was a big platform to help people learn about the world. The teachers always encouraged us to be a volunteer to learn and communicate more in English. Volunteering in some big events such as the career fair and the celebration of nations has broadened my horizons a lot."  - Lan Yang, Completed IEP in 2016, Currently pursuing a B.S. in Geology

"It was a great experience learning English at the IEP. It is a good place and environment to learn. In addition, IEP presents great opportunities such as social activities, they have some cultural activities that help the students get to know about other cultures. Moreover, that the instructors are always willing to help at any time and they try to do their best for helping the students. It is a very good place if you want to learn or strengthen your English. When I first attended the IEP program, I was not being able to write my name in English. However, now I  graduated from the IEP and entered the university majoring in Chemical Engineering. Finally, I would recommend this place for every one who wants to learn English."   - Mousa Alabdulmuhsin, Completed IEP in 2016, Currently pursuing a B.S. in Chemical Engineering

“I moved to the US to get a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering back in 2005, where I started my journey at the IEP at Missouri S&T. Time flew by fast and before I knew it, I earned a master and a PhD degrees in Petroleum Engineering from Missouri S&T. These achievements wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the amazing people (faculty and staff) I met while I was at Missouri S&T. In brief, the faculty and staff at the IEP and Missouri S&T always challenged and encouraged me to think outside the box, which got me where I am today.” -  Mohammed Al Dushaishi, Completed IEP in 2006, PhD, Petroleum Engineering, 2016

"I've learned English in IEP for one year. This is such a good program which help me improve my English skill. Meanwhile, there has a lot of funny events in IEP,  for instance,  there have conversations in a week, everyone can come to IEP communicating with different people from different countries while enjoying the meal for free. So not only you can learn English, but also you can meet lots of friends here and know more about American cultures." - Tingting Xu, Completed in IEP 2015, Currently pursuing a BS in Business & Management Systems

"I am truly grateful for the time I spent in the IEP at MST.  The classes gave me a solid foundation for understanding and honing my skills in the English language.  Everyone from the class faculty as well as staff members was so supportive and always willing to help us reach our goals.  It was in IEP where I learned lessons and skills that have opened many doors for me at the academic level."  - Mohanad M. Abdulazeez, Completed IEP in 2014, Currently pursuing a PhD in Civil Engineering

"The Intensive English Program at Missouri University of Science and Technology is a great place to learn English.  In the writing class I learned how important it is to use critical thinking to solve a problem. I can now use my writing skills to write papers at my academic life. Rules of writing that I have learned are really important. I know how to cite, I know how to write a reference page and most important I know how to combine, paraphrase and summarize articles. I also realize that Conversation Partner has helped me to build my self-confidence in communicating in English. I do not feel hesitate to ask question when I am the classroom. Most importantly, I can build a bridge between practicing my speaking skills and learning knowledge."  - Rafael Danilson Arajuo, MS, Geological Engineering, 2016

"I'm very grateful to the Institute English Program (IEP) at Missouri University of Science and Technology and its contribution to my personal and professional live. I joined the program back in 2006 with absolutely no English and a year later I was able to join the university and excel in my classes. The IEP does not only teach you English, it also has amazing cultural programs in which you will experience the full American culture. Thanks to IEP, I speak more and better English then my native language on a daily basis."  -Bader Alotaibi, Computer Science, 2011

"Working with the people at Conversation Partner has really helped with improving my English skills. Simply conversing with an English speaker has gotten me accustomed with the language. Rather than just studying from a textbook, I get to practice my new skill on a person who can correct me when I make mistakes. On top of the improvements I have made to my English skills through Conversation Partner, I have also met some of my closest friends." 

"IEP presents great opportunities such as social activities, educational travel as well as English learning.  It was a great pleasure to learn English with IEP teachers. I appreciate their effort they put for us, interest, care, and patience.  In addition, I had the unique experience of learning about different cultures and making friends from all over the world.  I left that place with unforgettable memories and new visions from the US." -Hassan Alalwiyat, BS, Electrical Engineering, 2011

"IEP was home away from home. It's positive, loving and friendly environment helped us to be the people we are today. The staff always went above and beyond their limits to make sure that each and every individual is at his/her max comfort. Friends we met here are life long friends and we are all still in touch. I consider myself blessed to be part of the IEP program. I wish everyone the very best and keep up the good work and deeds, my final word the students, enjoy every second you spend in this respectful place and learn as much as you can."  -Shahad Khomeis, IEP, 2007

"I joined the IEP in Aug 2001, where my English was alright to get by. My writing, grammar and vocabulary needed lots of work, especially when comparing to my speaking. I thought speaking the language would let me get by, but that didn't work, I had to enhance my writing, vocabulary and grammar. The whole IEP staff made me feel welcome during the tough 2001 times and they helped me a lot during my studies at IEP whether it was in class or out of class.  I want to specially thank Dr. Stratman, Ms. Stewart, Ms. Rosario, Ms. Wise and Ms. Graves for their wonderful support during my IEP, if it wasn't for them, I wouldn’t be writing this testimonial in perfect English."