Financial Requirements

Thank you for considering Missouri S&T’s Intensive English Program (IEP)!  As part of the immigration process, financial documentation is required for you to qualify for an I-20.  The first step is to obtain a certified bank statement.  Select the tabs below for specific instructions on how to obtain the appropriate certified bank statement for you. If you have any questions, please contact us at the address below.

It is required that you demonstrate ability to pay for educational costs, medical insurance, and living costs for an academic year. Intensive English Program tuition and fee rates are reflected here. All financial statements submitted to the IEP must be dated within six months if they are from banks within the USA, and twelve months if they are from banks outside the USA.


certified bank statement options:

  • Option #1
  • Option #2
  • Option #3
  • Option #4

Option #1

If you are applying for our program and you are currently in the United States, you must provide:

  • Bank statements that cover at least two consecutive months within the past year.  The ending balance of each bank statement will be averaged, and that average must cover the estimated total program costs.

Option #2

  • If you or your parent(s) are paying for your education, please submit a certified bank statement in your name or your parents’ name(s) showing the balance that is at least equal to the amount required. You must prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself for nine months of study in the Intensive English Program. 

Option #3

  • If someone other than you or your parent(s) is supporting your costs of education, please submit a certified bank statement in the minimum amount required. This bank statement must be in the name of the person who is supporting your education. You must also submit a notarized statement from the individual supporting you that details the length of time and amount of funding of his/her support for your education in the Intensive English Program.  The notarized statement must also define the relationship between you and the person supporting you.

Option #4

  • If you are supported by an agency or sponsor, please ask the sponsor to submit official documentation specifying their support and contact information so we can obtain details regarding their sponsorship.

Send all required documents to:

Missouri University of Science and Technology
International Affairs
113 SWBCC,1207 N. Elm St.
Rolla, MO 65409-0160
Phone: 001-573-341-7753
Fax: 001-573-341-4514