Program Completion

Students are required to complete a series of assessment tests to determine their level of proficiency in the English language. Assessment testing occurs at the beginning and at the end of each term. Tests include the Michigan Test, Test of Writing Proficiency, Test of Listening Proficiency, and the Oral Proficiency Evaluation.

Beginning of Semester Testing Results

  • If a student’s performance indicates readiness for university coursework, the appropriate university personnel will be notified of the IEP’s recommendation for full-time university coursework.
  • If a student’s performance indicates that the student is not ready for university course work, the student will then be placed within the IEP at the appropriate level of study.

*To be eligible for university course work, the student must have acceptance in a university academic program.

At the end of each semester, IEP students will complete assessment testing. In addition to the students' scores on these tests, their performance/grades in their classes will be used by the faculty to develop recommendations concerning advancement either within the IEP or to complete the program and begin their studies in academics.

Two Ways to Complete the IEP 

  1. The student has received the required scores through English testing and has the recommendation of IEP faculty.

  2. The student’s English testing scores demonstrate strengths, and his or her grades are strong in coursework at an advanced level. Also, the student has the recommendation of IEP faculty.

If a student wants to receive a Certificate of Completion from Missouri S&T’s IEP, he or she must meet the criteria stated above.

Length of Time for the IEP

Students who start the IEP with very limited skills will probably need to attend the language program for a minimum of 3 semesters. In order to gain the most from the program, it is recommended that students begin their studies at the beginning of a term. For students who arrive at the mid-term, every effort will be made to place the student at a level of study where they will be most successful in their English studies. This is an intensive study program. Students are expected to work very hard to achieve their language goals.