Program Overview

The Applied Language Institute at Missouri University of Science and Technology is composed of three major areas:

  1. Cultural Programs help students increase intercultural awareness through active participation.
  2. Support Programs provide the resources needed to guide students’ language acquisition.
  3. The Intensive English Program assists international students in developing the English language proficiency needed to successfully complete their academic studies.


The primary mission of Missouri S&T's Applied Language Institute (ALI) is to meet the language needs of the university's international community. The ALI has developed permanent, ongoing language programs, and will develop temporary programs as needed to help the Missouri S&T international community to fulfill their educational and professional goals as they relate to their knowledge and use of the English language.

The mission of the Intensive English Program at Missouri S&T is to assist international students in attaining the proficiency level needed to meet language standards and promote a successful transition to academic programs.


The primary goal of the Intenstive English Program is to help international students gain a sound functional competence in the English language, i.e., to provide them with the necessary skills and abilities to allow them to pursue a Missouri S&T degree program without the impediment of language difficulties.

Secondary goals include the following:

  • To help students adjust to the American culture
  • To help students develop effective study habits
  • To help students achieve success in the U.S. university system