Upon Arrival

Welcome to Missouri University of Science & Technology's Intensive English Program!  We are excited to greet you and introduce you to your new home.  Please view the tabs below for what you need to do upon arrival.

  • 1st Step
  • 2nd Step
  • 3rd Step
  • 4th Step
  • 5th Step

1st Step

What:  Go to Student Services.

Where:  International Affairs at 103 Norwood Hall on campus.

Why?  To complete the mandatory immigration check-in.

2nd Step

What:  Go to the Applied Language Institute.

Where:  Southwestern Bell Cultural Center on 1207 N. Elm Street.

Why?  To check-in with the Intensive English Program, to receive New Student Orientation dates, and to schedule mandatory English Testing.

English Testing: Students who are granted conditional Missouri S&T academic admission are tested by the IEP faculty to assess their English language; levels and placed either in full-time enrollment in the Intensive English Program or in full-time academic courses according to the results of the placement testing. English language placement testing is mandatory for all international students who have not satisfied Missouri S&T's English language proficiency requirements.

3rd Step

What:  Go to Insurance Services.

Where:  International Affairs at 104 Norwood Hall on campus.

Why?  To purchase the mandatory health insurance.

Health Insurance: All non-immigrant F-1 students are required to enroll in the mandatory international student health insurance program selected by the University of Missouri System. J-1 and J-2 students are required to purchase insurance which meets the requirements of the U.S. Department of State.

4th Step

What:  Go to Residential Life (if you have met the on-campus housing requirements).

Where: 205 W. 12th Street.

Why?  To check-in for your student housing.

*You may also find living accommodations through local real-estate agencies.

5th Step

What:  Get involved!

Where:  Visit this website and this Facebook page to find out more!

Why?   To start making friends and adding your value to the campus community!